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Free Green Electricity Corporation

Significant savings on your energy bills and carbon footprint with no capital expenditure

Car park frame-mounted solar PV systems

“Generate solar electricity above your car park”

FGEC finances, develops and operates frame-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity systems above commercial car parks in partnership with long term renewable energy sector investors. FGEC sells the electricity generated by these systems to commercial energy users at significant discounts to the prices offered by the large electricity suppliers.

Solar Car Parks

If your organisation occupies one or more buildings which are co-located with a car park that is used by your organisation, then FGEC is very likely to be able to supply electricity to your organisation at a significant discount to its current Grid supplier's daytime tariff without any impact on the use of the car park and without your organisation incurring any expense associated with the supply and installation of the frame-mounted solar PV system.

Alternatively, if your organisation owns a car park and there is a local commercial user of electricity, then FGEC is very likely to be able to offer your organisation an attractive rental price for the airspace above its car park.

Rent the Air Space above Your Car Park to FGEC for our frame-mounted Solar PV System

Our proposal will enable you to:

  • receive an RPI index-linked quarterly rental payment for the air space above your car park for a period of 20 to 40 years without affecting the primary use of the car park;
  • reduce the carbon footprint of your business;
  • add value to your car parking asset which is likely to become even more valuable as the adoption rate for electric vehicles increases over time with the associated requirement for charging points in car parks; and
  • help an electricity-consuming, commercial neighbour to make savings on its electricity bills.

The only requirements are that you own a car park which comprises at least 20 parking spaces on an unshaded, flat surface (or gently sloping in a southerly direction) which will enable us to install one of our patented (British Patent No. 2526196; US Patent No. 10511250; European Patent No. EP 3143345 B1), frame-mounted solar PV systems and that there is a nearby commercial electricity user which would be interested in using the PV electricity generated to make savings on its daytime electricity costs.